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PPC Management Service Page Traffic is a premier Search Engine Marketing (SEM) and Pay Per Click management company known for its extensive industry experience in managing GOOGLE ADWORDS Pay Per Click campaigns with an excellent success rate. We have an experienced team of dedicated professionals. I Plexus Technologies - PPC (Pay Per Click) Services Company: Do you need help managing your PPC campaigns? We never "set it and forget it". Professional management with continual & profitable optimization Our Pay Per Click Services Includes :>
  1. Account Management for a new account or existing account
  2. Highly Targeted, Structured Campaigns.
  3. Creative Ad Texts.
  4. Relevant Landing Pages.

a) Work on budgets as low as Rs 150 per day (though Rs 350/Day would be a par budget today).
b) Save money on bids & budgets, as much as 30% per month.
c) Never pay a premium for the top positions, yet get results.
d) Logical approach based on constant monitoring of search queries, keywords, bids & conversions.

I am Sumit-IIT Kanpur(I-Plexus), a Digital Marketing enthusiast & Google AdWords Search Specialist. 
My Agency, "AdWords for Low Budgets', is tailor-made for small businesses, entrepreneurs & startups.
I have been managing Google AdWords campaigns for my clients 24x7 for the last 3 years now. Presently I handle more than 50 different campaigns single-handed, every day. 


Enquiries, Savings & Better long term account management. 
a) Daily review of your traffic, keywords & bids.
b) Regular communication for long term optimisation & fortnightly review.
c) Daily tracking of conversions.
d) Optimum budgeting in line with ROI targets.
All in all, these can add upto 40% savings a month on your budget. I have done it time & again for our clients.

Rs 5000 for the first month, and Rs 2500 from next month onward. Please note that these are Account Handling charges & include NO credit to your AdWords account. Also note that these charges are payable in advance.
The fee is same if you are transferring an old account to me. A standard credit of Rs 3000 applies to all new accounts.

​I have pleasure in listing down the enquiry data for my clients:

a) Shridan Trust
25-30 leads per day (Current Budget: Rs 6000/Day)
b) Diamond Charitable: 25-30 leads leads per day (Current Budget: Rs 12000/Day)
c) Chetan Clinic: 7-10 leads per day (Current Budget: Rs 2000/Day)
c) Himalaya Tour and Travels: 7-10 leads per day (Current Budget: Rs 2000/Day)
c) Dr. Rajendra Prashad: 7-10 leads per day (Current Budget: Rs 2000/Day)
f) Mamata Pharma : 15-20 leads per week (Current Budget: Rs 2000/Day)
g) Gurusons Technologies: 8-10 leads per day (Current Budget: Rs 3500/Day)


Many more company for adwords services.


My Very Clear Disclaimers (I-Plexus):
1) The contact form above in no way collects your Email for any promotional or mass marketing programmes. You are free to use other means to contact me. 
2) This company is a virtual company founded out of my deep passion for Internet Marketing. I have no association or formal relationship with Google or Google AdWords, and am in no way endorsed by Google. 
3) Whatever data has been mentioned in terms of Clicks, CPC & CTR has been collected through my personal campaign & the campaigns of my clients, on Google AdWords. Proof can be readily submitted if asked for. To the best of my knowledge, Google does not publish any benchmarks. The data pertains to the Indian market alone. 
4) All trademarks acknowledged. 
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