Product Tacking System

Product Tracking Solution Services Multiple participants Product Tracking System (PTS) is exclusively developed by I Plexus Technologies, to keep all project participants on the same page. All data is kept secure on multiple servers around the world, to make sure that all participants have quick access to their allocated files.

Complete overview The opening screen is tailor made for each individual participant. Depending on the participant it is possible to view quotations, part/mould/assembly analysis, status of each individual project/mould and confirmation & remark lists.

File management & approval The system keeps automatic track of new files and each participant must approve of certain files and reports depending on his or her function in the project. All data entries and approvals are confirmed by email to the participant. In-depth analyses

To evaluate multiple products/moulds, the system supplies you with a wide range of reports, views, files and videos. This will give you the capability to analyze each assembly, part or mould in a very short period of time.